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What does health mean to you? The traditional definition of health is ‘the state of being free from illness or injury’. Optimal health, on the other hand, includes life's physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual aspects as well.

Lifelong health and vitality is dependent on many factors including diet, physical activity, weight management, rest, stress management, exposure to toxins, and inherited genetic predisposition for disease or wellness. While some variables cannot be controlled, scientific findings reveal certain factors can be influenced to improve aging and wellness!

The dōTERRA Cleanse & Restore Kit is filled with the essentials to promote lifelong health and dōTERRA offers a range of proprietary blends of whole-food extracts formulated to support healthy cleansing and detoxification (a natural process by which harmful toxins are eliminated or neutralized by the body).

During our next Facebook class, Learn More About the Cleanse and Restore Kit, on Tuesday, February 26th at 8:00 pm EST, we will explore the components of the dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit and the host of benefits offered by the uniquely designed products.

Cleanse and Restore for Better Health

The Cleanse and Restore Kit is complete with dōTERRA's most popular products including:

- doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack®
- Zendocrine® Softgels
- Zendocrine Complex
- DigestZen TerraZyme®
- GX Assist®
- PB Assist®+
- DDR Prime® Softgels
- Lemon essential oil

As you may or may not know, skimping on nutrients and proper hydration while being constantly exposed to environmental toxins can overwhelm the body’s natural abilities to detoxify itself. Thankfully, the dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit is packed with powerful products containing essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality.

The specially designed proprietary blend of whole-food extracts in a patented enzyme delivery system is ideal for supporting healthy cleansing and filtering functions of the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, and skin. The kit also contains a digestive enzyme complex, probiotic defense, and essential oils to support cellular health, function, and renewal.

Hosted by:

Jennifer Accomando

Wellness And Vitality Within Reach

With the dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit, renewed health is within your reach!

Our goal for Learn More About the Cleanse and Restore Kit is to explain each component of the Cleanse and Restore Kit as well as the many benefits you can gain. I’m proud to say that dōTERRA is revolutionizing the way families manage their health by harnessing nature's most powerful elements!

If you know anyone else looking to kickstart their health and wellness regimen, invite them to join us for Learn More About the Cleanse and Restore Kit! Lifelong health starts here, are you ready?

This special engagement is guaranteed to get your health and wellness goals on track!

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